The many faceted glass processes begin with an original design or an inspired idea. We enjoy creating texture, depth and mystery which engages the viewer into the magic of each glass creation. The many moods of glass change with the time of day and with each season. It's illuminating quality creates a presence that enhances any space.

Our stained glass panels are created utilizing the original Tiffany copper foil technique along with the finest imported and domestic hand blown glasses. A design is conceived in collaboration with a client, choosing together colors and types of glass. Sometimes our work incorporates fused pieces, jewels, bevels, agates or rondals. Each piece of the design is cut and copper foil is placed around it's edges. Then the panel is reassembled on the original design for soldering. A flux is applied to the seams that allows the solder to adhere to the copper foil and hold the pieces together permanently. A patina is applied to the solder lines to create a black or copper color. The panel may then be framed in copper, brass or zinc channeling and prepared for hanging. It can also be framed in wood or installed directly into any existing space.

In fused glass the original design incorporates cut glass, various sizes of frit (ground glass) and mosaic techniques. It is then placed into a kiln and fired up to 1450 degrees for 8 hours. Often it takes two or three firings to achieve the desired artistic effects. For three dimensional objects the glass is placed over a mold and slumped to about 1275 degrees for another 6 to 8 hours. The slumping process creates different shapes similar to those that appear in our bowls and platters.



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